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How to start the rental through Leieferiebolig.no?

First, the home must be registered as a tourist residence. If you have bought the property through us, we have the necessary papers needed and can register the accommodation for you. If not contact us for help or guidance.

Are there any requirements for the rental property?

There are 3 levels / categories of rental housing (Valencia region). See minimum requirements
In addition to this, the home must be insured and maintain a standard that corresponds to our target group.

Do I have to declare the income?

Everyone in Spain must declare tax on properties that one does not use permanently, and on the same tax return rental income is declared. There are 2 different tax returns for resident and not resident, but they are tax similar. Please contact us for help or guidance.

Are there any deduction possibility of the tax?

Yes, almost all the expenses you have on the house related with rentals can be deducted. Local property tax (known as IBI or SUMA), community fees, electricity, water, rental expenses (agent, accountant etc.). Annual expenses are divided into 12 and multiplied by the number of months the home has been rented out. Normal holiday rental is not subject to VAT.

What help can Leieferiebolig.no provide with?

  • We take care of everything concerning the legal and accounting part of the renting (registration / tax).
  • We take pictures of the home with a professional photographer, and with the possibility of 3D (with Matterport), so that the customer can get a virtual tour inside and outside the property (on screen or with "VR glasses"). With this technology, the customer can also see a cross section of the home.
  • We market the home on our own website that is synchronized with all the major marketing channels, national and international (Finn.no, Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, etc.). And you choose the channels you want activated yourself.
  • Our partner in the development of our web solution is Avantio, which is the world's leading provider of software tailored for vacational rentals.
  • We offer our own login on the intranet for homeowners, to ensure good communication and security for the landlord.
  • We take care of all the practicalities of washing out, and have qualified handyman available at all times.
  • We also market your holiday rental home from the office in Oslo and on our exhibitions in Norway. All by experienced staff with extensive knowledge of the property market in Spain.
  • The office in Torrevieja has a professional multilingual team present to give the renter a good experience and the service needed

How do we get paid?

All payment and deposit will be paid to our account, first. 20% on booking and the rest 30 days prior to arrival. The rental amount after our fee is deducted is transferred directly to the owner's account by agreement. All information about the tenancy and payments will be available on the intranet.

What if something is damaged?

We hold back a deposit that is paid back when we have assured us that the accommodation is in order. Apart from that a good home insurance is important. We work with Mapfre and recommend them. We also recommend all tenants to have a travel insurance.