General conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and Conditions apply exclusively to all services, offers and deliveries provided by Leieferiefolig. With the use of the websites or the booking of a holiday accommodation by internet portals, for which Leieferiebolig provides accommodations on behalf of third parties, the visitor/tenant/guest accepts these terms and conditions. For further clarification the Norwegian version of the terms and conditions apply to any visitors and bookings by tenants/guests, which could be find at the end of this English version. Services Leieferiebolig provides the rental of holiday accommodations (i.a. houses, apartments, guest rooms) on behalf of third parties (in the following described as “lessor”) to tenants/guests. Under this mandate, Leieferiebolig uses different ways like i.a. web-based internet platforms, own website or print media. The offered holiday accommodations are not the property of Leieferiebolig. Leieferiebolig acts on behalf of the lessor as an agent of the holiday accommodation and is mandated by and fully authorized to carry out all transactions related in connection with the rental. The rental agreement will be closed only between the lessor and the tenant/guest. Leieferiebolig will not be party of such a rental agreement. This "terms and condition for tenants/guests" or the relevant statutory provisions will govern the legal relationship between the lessor and tenant/guest. The tenant/guest is not entitled to assert any claims against Leieferiebolig.

Contractual Relationship with Leieferiebolig

Leieferiebolig enables the tenant/guest to book services of third parties by using different internet platforms and sites. Leieferiebolig does not offer on its own responsibility any travel services. Therefore only a brokerage contract will be closed between the tenant/guest and Leieferiebolig. The brokerage contract is independent of any separate agreements between the tenant/guest and the lessor of the booked holiday accommodation. As a service of the brokerage agreement Leieferiebolig is, however, permitted but not obliged without recognition of any legal obligation, in breach of duty of the landlord (as unwarranted cancellation costs or change ofthe accommodation) to meet the needs of the tenant/guest against the landlord itself, to allow fast processing. In that case the tenant/guest hereby assigns his claims against the relevant owner of the this accepting Leieferiebolig. Leieferiebolig will take care of the settlement with the landlord.


Each reservation request will be passed through Leieferiebolig as a declaration on behalf ofthe tenant/guest to the lessor. For the smooth execution of a booking it is therefore necessary that the data of the interested parties (for example overnight data, contact details) are accurate and complete. If the tenant/guest has not paid the deposit before departure, Leieferiebolig is authorized to cancelthe reservation without any compensation on behalf ofthe lessor and to terminate the rental agreement between the lessor and the tenant/guest with immediate effect and without prior notice. The mediation by Leieferiebolig is free of charge for the tenant/guest. The resale of the booked accommodation is however forbidden. This includes in particular the referral to third parties at higher prices than the prices of Leieferiebolig. The termination ofthe rental agreement between the tenant/guest and the lessor for violations of these rules will remain as reserved as well as the future exclusion of Leieferiebolig services. The tenant/guest is obliged to pay cancellation fees and/or possible losses/damages which could occur to Leieferiebolig and/or the lessor.

Contract and Payment

The rental agreement will be closed directly between the tenant/guest and the lessor. All from the lease resulting rights and obligations, especially any rights and obligations exist directly and exclusively between the tenant/guest and the owner of the holiday accommodation. Leieferiebolig is authorized by the respective owner to ask for a deposit (advance payment) of the total amount of up to 30% before arrival after booking confirmation. The amount of the deposit depends on the specifications of the lessor. The deposit has to be paid to Leieferiebolig in partial fulfillment of the obligation to pay the rent. If the payment of the deposit does not take place up to 10 days after booking, Leieferiebolig is entitled to give the booking to another tenant/guest and cancelthe contract on behalf of the landlord with immediate effect and without prior notice. The confirmed total price by Leieferiebolig after booking has to be paid after arrival in Euros and in cash. The paid deposit will be deducted from the total price. The reservation is not valid without prior confirmation of Leieferiebolig. The reservation list will be send tothe tenant/guestby email. However Leieferiebolig does not ensure and verify the receipt of the confirmation for transmission by email, for technical reasons. The effectiveness of the reservation remains unaffected , in particular due to incorrect entry of email address and / or phone number.

Arrival and Departure

On arrival the accommodation may be obtained at the earliest from 16:00 o’clock and to 21:00 o’clock. If the property at the specified time for various reasons is not yet ready, there are no claims for damages. Arrival times outside these set hours has to be arranged wit Leieferiebolig in advanced. We ask all our tenants to confirm arrival 1 hour prior before arriving the rental. If tenant has any remarks or not satisfied with anything in the rental property, has to deliver a complain to Leieferiebolig within an hour after arrival. On day of departure the accommodation must be vacated before 10:00 o’clock and the keys must be returned to the landlord. The delivery place will be agreed directly between the tenant and the landlord on arrival day. Upon departure, the lease shall be swept and returned tidy and clean. Accrued waste shall be independently dispose in the assigned dustbins (waste separation). Used kitchen utensils (dishes, pots, etc.) shall be clean and thoroughly cleaned to store in the appropriate cupboards. With a disregard of these requirements , the lessor reserves the right to charge a separate cleaning invoice, the amount of the invoice depends on the degree of contamination. Obligatons of the tenant/guest If the holiday accommodation contains a house rule and inventory list or will be handed over to the tenant/guest, this by the tenant/guest will be accepted and respected entirely. Inventory may not be removed from the rental.. The completeness of the inventory is checked at departure by the lessor. Damage or shortages on inventory / object key(s) must be replaced by the tenant/guest. In accordance with legal provisions the tenant is obliged to do everything reasonable in case of potential disruptions of services, to contribute the elimination of the fault and prevent damage. Complaints must be reported immediately. For a remedy request, the tenant/guest must immediately contact the lessee, so that appropriate troubleshooting measures can be taken. For technical devices without existing instructions it applies that unexperienced users should refrain from using these devices. In absence of the tenant/guest the front door of the accommodation shall be locked. In case of a storm or hurricane windows must be kept closed. Smoking is prohibited inside the rental accommodation. Basically the tenant is obliged to handle the property and is inventory carefully.

Liability of the Tenant

The tenant is fully liable for damages caused inside and outside o the leased property. This assumes that the tenant is liability for damages caused by other persons (fellow travellers). The lessor is therefore not obliged to determine the party who causes the damagesand may claim the tenant for such damages.

Liability of the Lessor

The liability of the landlord is limited to the mandatory provision of the leased rental accommodation and the hand over the object key. The total liability of the landlord against the tenant/guest is limited to the amount of the rental amount according to the lease. Special inconvenience caused by any construction sites or other repair measures are not covered by the liability of the landlord. Claims for damages are excluded in this regard. All rights of the lessee for injury to life, body or health or due to fraudulent concealment, intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty and the breach of material obligations, the fulfillment of which renders a correct execution of the contract and on whose fulfillment the other party regularly trusts or trust must remain unaffected. Changes and Cancellations To avoid misunderstandings, changes and cancellations should always be made through Leieferiebolig. The timeliness of the change or cancellation is the timely receipt of the notification at Leieferiebolig. A cancellation by the tenant/guest before the start of the rental is possible at any time under a lumpsum cancellation fee. Leieferiebolig recommends to close a cancellation insurance. In the event of cancellation, the tenant is obliged to pay a lump sum amount as follows : • Up to 61 days before rental start: 20% of the total rental amount • 60 to 35 days before rental start 50% of the total amount • 34 or up to4daysbefore rental start 80% of the total amount • 3 daysbefore rental start or less 100% of the total amount. The lumpsum cancellation fee hast to be paid directly to Leieferiebolig, latest 7 days after cancellation. Changes within the cancellation period will be charged only in coordination with Leieferiebolig. With certain changes, such as a shortening of the stay , the lessor can make a possible damage incurred claims


Leieferiebolig emphasizes that in the description of any holiday accommodation no categorization is performed according to the standard international hotel classification according to stars. The distinction made in Leieferiebolig classification is based on a self-assessment of the service providers is possible tested by Leieferiebolig using its own rating system and the experiences of Leieferiebolig and Leieferiebolig customers. All additional object information and descriptions are based on information provided by the lessor.


Unless otherwise described in the booking description, all prices are per accommodation and per night. Depending on the booking conditions sometimes prices apply including and sometimes excluding additional services, such as laundry, pets (this may be different for a booking period of several days). The booked rates are guaranteed for all reservations by the lessor. Spanish law applies. For merchants or persons who have no general jurisdiction in Spanish, the agreed place of jurisdiction is Spain. Otherwise the legal jurisdiction applies. Links on this website with web pages (inks) to other companies (third-parties) are provided only in the interests of the user. By clicking such a link, you leave the Leieferiebolig website. Contents of the websites of third parties are beyond Leieferiebolig control. Therefore Leieferiebolig cannot accept any responsibility for this external content. A permanent control of the linked pages is unreasonable without concrete evidence of a violation. Upon notification of violations, Leieferiebolig will remove such links immediately. Access to a third party website via a link on this website is the sole responsibility of the user.

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