Valid until 31/12/2020

Do you need a representative before the Tax Office?

Except in the case of residents in countries or territories with which there is no effective exchange of tax information, there is no obligation to appoint a representative before the tax administration.

However, it is highly recommended.

The team of spanish property taxes for non residents specialists at Leieferiebolig Fiscal will facilitate this complex task, breaking the language barrier and dealing with the Spanish administration, saving you all that back and forth and queue waiting. 

“By trusting in Leieferiebolig Fiscal , our clients are completely unconcerned, not only about filing their tax returns and keeping up with the many changes in the legislation, but also in the case of a lease verification we will be there to answer any requirements”.

And don’t forget that if your property is in the holiday rental market, you are required by law not only to file your Spanish property taxes for non residents return but also to obtain a license.

And that’s something we can also help you with.

Save yourself a lot of time, money and headaches by trusting the professional team of legal and fiscal bilingual advisors at Leieferiebolig.

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