Valid until 31/12/2020

Are you thinking of or already renting out your property on the Costa Blanca?

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How to Obtain a Tourist Licence (Valencia Community)

We are receiving many enquiries about registering a property in the Valencia Community for the Rental / Tourism Licence. Here is some brief information about the process of obtaining a Tourist Licence. As it is a complex matter, we are setting the information out as clearly as possible.

We offer this service to our clients  who have bought through Feriebolig Utland which is why our fees are heavily subsidised.

Once we have the necessary documents from the home owners, we firstly have to apply and obtain a COMPATIBILITY REPORT (Solicitud Certificado de Compatibilidad Urbanistica Alojamientos Turisticos). The Ayuntamiento (Town hall) com­pat­ib­il­ity license is a new requirement,  the law changed on the 9th July 2018.

We file the application form and will be issued a temporary Compatibility Number which can be used to obtain the Valencian Tourism Number. We can help you on obtaining both.





After you get the re­gis­tra­tion num­ber you must in­stall a sign close to the front door of your prop­erty. It shows your re­gis­tra­tion num­ber on it.

To start the process we will require the following Documents:


Copy of NIE certificate and Suma bill

Copy of Habitation certificate (Declaration responsible de segunda ocupacion) we can help obtain this if you do not have a valid certificate

Town hall COMPATIBILITY report

Number of beds and maximum occupation

Signed letter of authorisation

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