Valid until 31/12/2020

Full Property Management

Here at Leieferiebolig, we aim to provide a Full Property Management Service giving our owners confidence that their holiday home or Investment property is in safe hands and being well looked after, in their absence. We are also more than happy to offer our assistance whenever necessary, during your visits.


  • Keyholding
    Giving us access to the property in case of emergencies.


  • Inspection visits
    To make a visual inspection of the property, to ensure everything is in good working order, safe & secure.


  • Security
    To check alarm system, locks, grills & shutters. Make sure all doors & windows are securely fastened.


  • Sanitary & Plumbing
    Turn on the water, check for leaks, run taps, flush toilets to prevent pipes from drying out, and keep unwanted smells to a minimum.


  • Electrical Equipment
    Ensure all electrical equipment is left in safe condition.

        A visual check will be made for any sign of damp or mold, and the property will be thoroughly aired.

       If a major problem is detected, we will contact you immediately to make you aware, and act on your instruction, any minor faults or defects will be dealt with at our discretion.



        €41,67 per Month (Inclusive of IVA).


        If required, your Property can be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for you or your guests prior to arrival.


  • Window Cleaning
    We are able to arrange to have your windows cleaned either periodically, or on a regular basis.


  • Property Preparation
    We will raise the shutters, turn on electricity & water supply, switch on the fridge & provide a welcome pack of essentials e.g. bread, milk, tea, coffee etc, (at cost) if required, prior to guests arrival.


  • Key Collection
    A member of the team will meet you or your guests at the office during working hours, 9.00 to 17.00, alternatively, keys can be collected from our office by prior arrangement, through our key boxes out from our schedule time.


    Meet & Greet (Key delivering when they come and Key picking when they leave)

    We will meet all arriving guests in a pre-arranged central location, this allows the guest to follow us to the property without running the risk of getting lost in an un-familiar area. Once at the property the guests will be informed about the property and it’s facilities and about the surrounding area. The keys are given to the guest with instructions on the departure proceedure. We endeavour to answer any questions raised by the guest and supply them with contact numbers for our office should they have any questions during their stay.

    Meet & Greet Prices (for bookings not made through us):

    09:00hrs – 21:00hrs 30€ (IVA included): Of which it will be divided in Arrival 15€/ Departure 15€

    21:00hrs – 09:00hrs 60€ (IVA included): Of which it will be divided in Arrival 30€/ Departure 30€